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At Bansal Group, situated in Amritsar which is also known as Golden City of INDIA, we serve our customer’s specially hand picked ingredients to delight their taste buds. Our products are prepared in a home like environment where the old tradition of Roasting is still Alive.

Our Products have central ingredients mainly of Soya beans, Bengal Grams, Corn, Wheat, Pearl Millets and Peanut. We bring our raw ingredients from the best well known farms of India so that you need no to compromise with the taste of the product.

We ensure the characteristics of the product that are crispness and crunchiness so that your tummy gets a yummy snack!!

“ Enjoy the Healthy Truth ”

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To build a Healthier World

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Anoop Aggarwal

Always ready to present something new to the market Mr. Anoop Aggarwal started this business 25 years ago with the Motto “To Build a Healthier World”. He always focuses on his Quality of Products. Due to this reason BANSAL GROUP was awarded by American Soybean Association twice for Manufacturing Best Soy Nuts in India. He was also awarded by Federation of Sweets and Namkeen for introducing Innovative Products in Indian Market.

Now Mr. Aggarwal is working on development of new products for the Market. The recently products launched are Finger Millets Crisps Mix, Black Wheat Crisps Mix, Quinoa Crisps Mix, Buckwheat Crisps Mix. The most innovative product in the list is Black Wheat Crisps Mix as it is the first time in the world that some ready to snacks is made out of Black Wheat.